The Beauty Prince Philosophy

The Beauty Prince is for all to come to for information, insight and to feel good, feel uplifted and hopefully be inspired.

The Beauty Prince is a place to turn to for support of your inner beauty. I do this through words of wisdom and inspiring, provoking thoughts I call Find Beauty Within. I will also bring awareness of the beauty around all of us everyday through pictures taken around the city where I live Los Angeles. I will also share pictures taken during my travels around the country, including my travels abroad. I call these pictures Beauty Around Me today. My hope is that it will inspire you to be aware of the beauty around you everyday. These pictures will be featured with the Find Beauty Within thought.

Additionally I will discuss other areas of beauty from time to time. Like the best skincare I come across. Or this makeup is incredible. And even a great fragrance I experience that I must share with you. There may even be times I will share something beautiful in the world of fashion.

“I hope you enjoy The Beauty Prince experience and Find Beauty Within…” 

Michael Rogers  "THE BEAUTY PRINCE"

Michael Rogers “THE BEAUTY PRINCE”